Callistus Fernandez Vs. Harnefer Johumin – Opinion


1. Callistus Fernandez has recently emerged to the public sphere and has since shared his part of the story – which we welcome with equal dose of scrutiny and caution.

2. So far, if we can recap, the story started in early February when Harnefer Johumin claimed that: (1) Her facebook account was hijacked by her former employer and unscrupulously used on her behalf; (2) Attempted rape by her former employer; and (3) Subsequent ad-nauseam blackmailing to silent her and her family.

3. The stories previously presented here were based on the write-up on her Facebook account, her close contact with Bobohizan Press and with due diligence and scrutiny, have been highly corroborated with other reliable sources that we have acquired.

4. Subsequent to that, a mutual police report was lodged on the 10th of February in Penampang. Ms. Johumin primarily lodged the rape attempt by her former employer; while Mr. Fernandez reported misappropriation of company’s property and a breach in contractual obligation pertaining to the firm’s confidential information – the detail of which is still unknown. Both parties denied allegations made against them.

5. The news made some headlines not only in Bobohizan Press but also in various social media including the regional newspaper as reported by the Borneo Post. The netizens are understandably furious and rife with wild remarks – profanities, threats, racism etc – which are inherent to social media but nonetheless has never been the motive behind the honest report presented herein.


6. While the investigation is still progressing and when law seems to take its course, all hell broke lose when netizens were shoveled with a series of semi-naked, private and inappropriate pictures of Ms. Johumin.

7. This is believed to be purported by none other than Mr. Fernandez himself, using a fake account by the name of Genevie Mojilip. The real owner of the said Facebook account has declared that she had nothing to do with such a heinous act. She made a strong remark thus: “I myself will never to do such an idiot thing. Callistus Fernandez you are so pathetic” [sic].

8. The twist didn’t end there. Following the release of such pictures, Mr. Fernandez has now produced pictures, poems and even a video of Ms. Johumin prior to their fallout. Although this has casted some doubts to the netizens, this in my opinion has very little to do with the main issue.

Dissection of case

9. It is highly probable that Ms. Johumin was once a close associate to Mr. Fernandez and possibly had spent a considerable time together. They could be mutually-consenting lovers prior to the fallout. This is their personal private life and therefore is not relevant to the case at hand.

10. What happened next is the crux of this case. It seems that their relationship, both at a personal and professional levels, have gone awry and subsequently ended. This being the case, Ms. Johumin wanted to resign and end their relationship.

11. Based on Mr. Fernandez’s FB post, he has been showering Ms. Johumin with financial support, holidays, gifts etc only to find out that she is going to get married with another man – in effect ditching and betraying his love. I am taking a huge leap of faith saying this: even if this is true that Ms. Johumin may have been playing games in this relationship or as some folks call “gold-digging” – this still doesn’t justify the attempted rape, supposing that the claim is true.

12. It is hard to evaluate this case objectively without prejudice, and I would be most jubilant to see this case conclusively dissected out in the court of law. My gut-feeling tells me that the gamut of this issue may have ran deeper than we thought and the truth may be known only to the two of them.

13. Putting aside the major allegations made by either side, what we know thus far is that Mr. Fernandez have been using other people’s FB account to disseminate inappropriate pictures of Ms. Johumin. Although he denies this in his FB post, we know only him (and Ms. Johumin) possesses such pictures – this should tell us something about the man.

SSKM as Terrorists

14. Another point of contention here is the impetuous claim made by Mr. Fernandez implicating Bobohizan Press to be the mouthpiece of SSKM and therefore, in extension, a “terrorist organisation possessing bigger threat than ISIS“.

15. The allegation is outlandish at best, and perhaps Mr. Fernandez would care to share with us his definitions of “terrorism” and of “terrorist”. He went on further by saying that his organisation (including him) will offer “a reward to turn in the other traitors“. This I find quite amusing and oxymoronic on his part.

16. It reminds me of a Japanese proverbs – “Even a cornered rat will bite the cat“. Sir, we are not the cat, you are.

– Bobohizan.

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