Local Coffee Shop in Penampang was Told to Fuck off with its RM10.20 Mee Tuaran

Donggongon, Penampang: Customers who tried out a newly opened coffee shop (Kedai kopi) in Penampang have reacted badly to the pricing of several key items on the menu, stating that if the proprietors think they’re going to get RM10.20 for a mee tuaran, they can think again.

Kedai Kopi Perusahaan Yong recently opened its doors in the bustling town of Donggongon, featuring an array of Sabahan specialised cuisines as well as a cosy area where customers can enjoy a coffee or have a bite to eat.

The new eatery was initially welcomed by locals, who quickly changed their tune when they realised the prices they were being charged.

“RM 10.20 for a mee tuaran like this? You’d get an exclusive buffet dinner for that!,” said one patron, who refused to elaborate on where they were getting an exclusive buffet dinner for RM 10.20.

Other customers made emphatic claims that they could buy a portion of the noodles with a bit of chicken and eggs without vegetables, adding that the owners of the fledgling eatery must be raking it in, altogether.

“A bit of chicken, and a bit of egg, and a few other bits and pieces… sure you’d make it at home for nothing,” fumed one furious customer, vowing never to go near Kedai Kopi Perusahaan Yong again.

“They’re making about RM9.00 for every mee tuaran, they make, pure fucking profit! Such a noodle should only cost RM 1.20 not RM 10.20!” said another furious customer, who wished to remain anonymous.

“Alright, they have overheads and bills and rates and staff to pay, but they needen’t think they can pass all those costs onto the customer. They can fucking keep it, if that’s the case”. He added.

Kedai Kopi Perusahaan Yong was not immediately available for comments.

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