Masidi Manjun Would Rather be Called a “Malay” than a “Dusun”?

Masidi Manjun says Sabahan people should join UMNO because they are part of the larger ‘Malay stock’

1. Masidi Manjun made a statement about a year ago that Sabahan people “should be able to accept UMNO” on the basis that they are part of the so-called “Rumpun Melayu” or “Malay stock”. The loathsome statement resurfaced again in the social media recently and Masidi is again on a spotlight.

2. Masidi was quoted as saying: “Don’t try to change history just because we don’t like it; because if that happens it will bring a division between races and may destroy the country”. He went on further saying that: “The Malay stock has been in existence since 200 years ago and unfortunately some people failed to understand the difference between the words “stock” and “ethnic”.

3. Well Mr. Majun, perhaps you have a good basic history knowledge – one that would let you pass your SPM history with flying colours. However, being an UMNO representative for Karanaan, Ranau, it is not difficult to see how these statements could be used as your leverage to justify the support of the Dusun community in Ranau to you and your bosses from Peninsula Malaysia, despite missing the point on what ‘Malay stock’ really means.

4. History tells us that the word ‘Malay stock’ was first coined by  Johann Friedrich Blumenbach in 1795 as an addition to his doctoral dissertation titled De generis humani varietate nativa (On the Natural Varieties of mankind) outlining that four main human races by virtue of their skin colour, namely Caucasian (white), Negroid (black), Native American (red) and Mongolian (yellow).

5. In 1795, Blumenbach added another race called ‘Malay’ (brown-coloured skin) as a fifth race to group the native inhabitants of Indochina, Marianas, Phillipines, the malukus, Sundas and well as Pacific islanders. However, many anthropologists have rejected the simplistic categorization made by Blumenbach, except of course Masidi Manjun.

6. The word ‘Malay stock’ is a loose reference to the people of the Malay archipelago (Nusantara) and does not denote any particular racial identity or cultural background.

7. It is perhaps similar to a term “Germanic tribes” coined by the Roman authors  in classical times as a reference to tribal groups and alliances who were considered less civilized, and more physically hardened, and lived generally to the north and east of the Gauls. The term was not necessarily based upon language and in modern-day, Germanic tribes could be used occasionally include the Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Icelanders, Germans, Austrians, English, Dutch, Afrikaners, Flemish, Frisians, and Lowland Scots.

8. So would you call the English today as part of the Germanic tribes? Well yes, but in a purely historical sense and not as an identity that would define the English people. It is probably a useful reference in the 1st century BC but certainly not today in the year 2015 AD. Nobody in England would say that they are “German” based on this historical reference made centuries before. Not even the Dutch who live close to the Germans and has similar language would go about telling everybody that they are in fact, Germans.

9. And then we have Masidi Manjun, a clown of UMNO who incessantly trying to invoke some irrelevant and obsolete historical claims made some 200 years ago as a basis for the Dusun in Ranau to support UMNO.

10. Article 160 of Malaysian constitution defines a “Malay” as a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation or in Singapore or born of parents one of whom was born in the Federation or in Singapore, or is on that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore.

11. The UMNO membership in Peninsula requires that the applicant to be a Malay as defined by the Article 160 Constitution not on a loose “Malay Stock” claim as per Masidi Manjun. It clearly spells out “Malay ethnic” not Rumpun Melayu as Masidi Manjun have been trying to lie to the people in his constitution. This is where he is wrong and quite frankly, a nuisance to the Sabahan people who are proud of who they are.

12. Masidi Manjun is not a Malay, he is a Dusun. A Dusun who has a crisis in identity, culture and background. He is a man who would gladly betray his people in exchange for position and power as bestowed by his Malay grandmasters from UMNO.

13. Masidi Manjun, are you ashamed of being a Dusun?

– Bobohizan.

Masidi Manjun Rumpun Melayu

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